Richard was our fabulous chef for a weekend to celebrate a family birthday. We were 17 people, including grandparents, adult children, and youngsters, and Richard created two amazing dinners and two breakfasts that “worked” for everyone. They were creative, beautifully presented and served, and absolutely scrumptious. 

Moreover, he was truly a part of the birthday celebration. The kids loved talking to him, as did many of the adults, and he went out of his way to help the kids make s’mores, and engage one of our grandsons in helping to make French Toast. Whenever we think of our family weekend in Napa, we will think of Richard.  

MS – Palo Alto, CA


Poetry For the Palate

I was searching for a top chef in napa for my wife's birthday, called a  few wineries for advice... Desiree Del Dotto highly recommended Richard,  and that was the decision I made. I couldn't be happier. Richard came  over at around 230pm on a Friday eve, and we sat down for what I'd call a  Michelin two star equivalent six course meal.. Our server kicked it off  with an assortment of white glove style appetizers, all of which were  artistic and delicious. My fave was the warm dates with a dollop of a  tangy cheese and I'm not sure what else, but it was amazing. Champagne  was perfect with it. Then we had a series of small plates, paired up  with whites, then light Reds, followed by a deep bold red.. I can't  recommend him highly enough.

Grilled Steak With Romesco At Napa Wine Pairing Dinner

Creating Memories

There are few times when you feel that you get more than you pay for in  this day and age... Well this was one of the few times that holds true.   Working with Chef Perot was a great experience!  I had to put together a  menu for 10 people during a visit to the Napa area. This, I must say,  was quite an undertaking that Chef Perot helped me to seamlessly manage -  from the first email to the final desert.  Chef's attention to detail  and skill in the kitchen was unsurpassed. The dishes he served were both  amazingly prepared and artfully presented.  Please do not hesitate to  contact him for an intimate dinner or a group outing - you won't be  disappointed!

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